roll-out implementation

simply put: give us your best example set of drawings, the landlord contacts for your site, and the possession date- we can start from there. we regard this relationship as one that is purely transactional, and we are here to help. our staff has proven expertise in all 50 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. we have performed work in some of the most difficult municipalities in which to get permitted. we won't be "another cook in the kitchen". we will be advisors, but we do realize your time is valuable. we have the capacity to: -work with national permit processor contacts -work effectively with your design and construction management teams -understand and maximize DOB turnaround times -survey the site -perform space plan test fits -effectively work with a team of consultants, including MEP, lighting, structural, site civil, land-use legal counsel, your storefront vendor, your millwork vendor, etc. -upon your final review and approval, generate drawing deliverables for DOB/LL submission, bid, construction, etc. -construction administration (note: upon complete example drawings set/design package, site survey, and approved final space plan, it may be possible to get submittals into the DOB in 3-4 weeks, minimum depending on project type)

high-end residential, hospitality design and implementation

although we are primarily retail-oriented, through RDP's Residential and Hospitality Studio, we have the design expertise to identify opportunities and maximize them to enable a residence, entertainment/athletic/health club facility, restaurant, spa, or hotel to become a destination. we don't design ephemeral 'theatrical' spaces; we design spaces that convey character, whose designs endure. we have the capacity to: -thoroughly evaluate existing facilities -identify and understand targeted end-users of a space or facility that will determine how it is to be branded -create a unique environment that will enable a space to be a lasting experience for visiting or permanent occupants -create a space like no other, whose design success will be quantifiable, be it in terms of resale value, consumer loyalty, increase in membership, or occupancy

corporate interiors

we understand that work is important. where you work can make all the difference in the world in terms of quality of life, and it can also define the difference between activity and productivity. leveraging our retail and hospitality experience, we have the design expertise to identify opportunities and maximize them to enable any office, any workspace, to become a dynamic place for collaboration and productivity. we design spaces that convey the brand identity of the organization of the occupants, and also reflect the culture of how those persons do business. we are extremely adept at making these spaces highly functional for occupants, considering amenities and everyday facilities that most firms only think about during punchlist time. we have the capacity to: -thoroughly evaluate existing facilities and proposed budget -identify and understand day-to-day functions of occupants and how they receive clients -create a unique environment that will convey the culture of that organization -create an office that fosters creativity, encourages efficiency and productivity, and can be place to spend extended time as needed, in order to be at a place of comfort, while getting the job done

existing facilities management/brand refresh

we will work with you to assess your current concept, and integrate it into your existing store facilities and sites. we have the capacity to: -work effectively with your design and construction teams -take as-builts of your existing store and perform DOB analysis as applicable -work with your landlord -work with local municipalities as needed -develop the documents to enable the appropriate refurbishment/refresh of a site as needed -work with your vendors to make this happen

owner's representation/construction/project management

our staff is adept at facilitating the management of a construction/development project.  we have the capacity to setup directories, establish conduits of communication, establish decision trees and critical paths, and all tools necessary to keep the "eye on the ball" throughout the project.  we work with microsoft project and heavily in excel.  we can also monitor for deliverable dates, monitor permit times, review contracts and bids, level bids, assist with awarding contracts, and perform construction administration.  we will also host teleconferencing as needed, with weekly call-in job numbers.  we also have the capacity to work with your outside third-party vendors, to assist in FFE procurement, as well as QA/QC other architects work, under your employ.